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✿ ピナ✿
26 March 2016 @ 10:49 am

Long time no see!
I want to sell my stuff again...


V6 Official Fanclub 20th anniversary Card case 6000yen

V6 Official Fanclub Booklet vol 97, 98, 99 (recent) each 1500yen

Library Wars Movie (extra goods)

I got this from filming Library Wars. RARE ITEM! Square towel 5000yen

Morita go dorama Risuku no kamisama Note book

I got this from filming it, RARE ITEM 3000yen


Arashi Official Fanclub Booklet (will update later) 1500yen


Good Partner Note book

Good Partner is Takenouchi Yutaka next season dorama.

I got from filming Good Partner, RARE ITEM! 2000yen

Heat note book

Heat is AKIRA EXILE's dorama

I got this from filming HEAT, RARE ITEM! 2000yen

Other EXTRA goods

  • HERO MOVIE (Kimura Takuya) Mug glass // Accepted only in Tokyo because its glass. 5000yen

  • Yokokuhan MOVIE (Ikuta Toma) Card Case 3000yen

  • Hanasakimai damattenai Note 1000yen

I'm selling anime figure too, Check at instagram @akibadesu

If interested, please Comment or Email me at akibadesu @ gmail.com

I only accept PAYPAL (yen)
the price is not included, PAYPAL TAX + SHIPPING

if you bought 100USD to up, SHIPPING IS FREE! ANY COUNTRY!

Please grab it fast! because all item stock is only ONE

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✿ ピナ✿
15 October 2010 @ 03:30 pm
im selling stuff again

yamapi uchiwa news pacific con USD7
condition: good still on plastic

news pacific 2007-2008 pamhplet USD30
condition: good

IZO pamhplet (morita go stage) + flyer USD23 
condition: good

Arashi IZA now VHS + booklet USD20
condition: good

Tackey Tsubasa christmas con 2008 *i forgot*  USD10
condition: good still on plastic but no battery

Morita Go official photos  (all) USD12
go to unagidon.com for the large image. 
for each photo USD2 

V6 word note card official johnnys shop USD15
condition still on plastic

Arashi word note card official johnnys shop USD15
condition: good, no plastic

Ryouteki na kanojo dorama flyer + calendar cards USD3
condition: good

Yamapi kirinuki seventeen (all) USD27
each USD 2 except vol25
vol01 4/9 10:01
vol04 tsuugakuro (street for students going to and from school)
vol05 namida (tears)
vol06 kodomo (child)
vol07 TV
vol08 risou to genjitsu (imagine and reality)
vol09 delicious!!
vol10 kurisumasu (christmas)
vol11 "wa" (japanese style?)
vol23 suki (like)
vol24 guest! +ikuta toma
vol25 tabi x raku (trip x fun) USD 4
vol26 shashin (photos) + koyama

Nino photos (all) USD4 
unofficial photo (usd1) - official photo (usd3)

Yamap photos USD3
official photo

Morita Go photos (all) USD 16
official photos

Ningen shikaku flyer 1 USD5

Ningen shikaku flyer 2 USD5

Chi wa tatta mama nemutteiru flyer USD3
morita go stage play

Sony pamplet DSLR 2 USD5
part1 at unagidon.com

Kanjani8 CD sukiyanen osaka USD9

more stuff (death note pamphlets, pirates of caribbean pamphlets, harry potterpamphlets, more)

interesting to order
drop comment or direct email to

# paypal
# bank transfer (if you are in indonesia) ask for detail
# money concealed

happy shopping!

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✿ ピナ✿
12 December 2008 @ 10:18 am
# translate romaji V6 lyrics.... still 38 lyrics!?!?
# write more about members profile
# discography havent finished yet! too manyyyyy!?!?
# more widgets *gahhhh*
# scan more official photos and morita pamphlets
# packing stuff..
# V6 projects
# portfolio *it already 1month hahahha.. so lazy*
✿ ピナ✿
04 February 2008 @ 01:26 pm
selling JE goods;
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✿ ピナ✿
27 July 2005 @ 08:50 pm
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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