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26 March 2016 @ 10:49 am

Long time no see!
I want to sell my stuff again...


V6 Official Fanclub 20th anniversary Card case 6000yen

V6 Official Fanclub Booklet vol 97, 98, 99 (recent) each 1500yen

Library Wars Movie (extra goods)

I got this from filming Library Wars. RARE ITEM! Square towel 5000yen

Morita go dorama Risuku no kamisama Note book

I got this from filming it, RARE ITEM 3000yen


Arashi Official Fanclub Booklet (will update later) 1500yen


Good Partner Note book

Good Partner is Takenouchi Yutaka next season dorama.

I got from filming Good Partner, RARE ITEM! 2000yen

Heat note book

Heat is AKIRA EXILE's dorama

I got this from filming HEAT, RARE ITEM! 2000yen

Other EXTRA goods

  • HERO MOVIE (Kimura Takuya) Mug glass // Accepted only in Tokyo because its glass. 5000yen

  • Yokokuhan MOVIE (Ikuta Toma) Card Case 3000yen

  • Hanasakimai damattenai Note 1000yen

I'm selling anime figure too, Check at instagram @akibadesu

If interested, please Comment or Email me at akibadesu @ gmail.com

I only accept PAYPAL (yen)
the price is not included, PAYPAL TAX + SHIPPING

if you bought 100USD to up, SHIPPING IS FREE! ANY COUNTRY!

Please grab it fast! because all item stock is only ONE

Current Music: V6 - Good day